Energy Efficient Tips to Save on Your New Home

 Buying a new home is an exciting time. There are many houses for sale in Delaware that are ready for you to move in to! However, buying a home does not come without its costs and lists of things to do. One of those things is to make sure you have a new home in Newark, Delaware that is energy efficient. There are several ways in which you can have an energy efficient home. Follow these few tips and get ready to see the savings add up!



 One of the best ways to save on energy in your new home in Newark, Delaware is to have the proper insulation installed. Insulation comes in various forms and can be placed between your walls and in your crawl spaces, etc. to keep air from entering or exiting your home. Insulation can also be provided by caulking certain areas such as the edges and bottoms of windows to prevent air flow as well. By having adequate insulation in your home, you are saving energy by allowing your HVAC system to run properly. A home that is not sufficiently insulated will let air out and in through attics, crawl spaces, windows, and doors. This can cause your HVAC system to overwork. For example, during the winter your HVAC system is working to keep your home warm. If the insulation is not keeping the warm air inside your home and the cold air out, the HVAC system will have to work even harder to heat your home. This can significantly increase your electric bill.



 Lighting is another way to save energy. Many new homes in Newark, Delaware come equipped with LED bulbs in the lighting fixtures. These types of bulbs use less energy and have a longer lifespan. If your home is not equipped with these highly efficient bulbs, this is an easy fix! Any hardware store or supermarket sells a version of these energy efficient light bulbs for just about any lighting fixture. You can save a good amount on your energy bill just by switching out your light bulbs!



 Another way to save on your energy usage is to install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature on your thermostat for different times of the day. This feature can help cut your energy costs a great deal, as your thermostat is able to turn off if you don’t need to use it. Perhaps you work during the day and do not need the air conditioning to be running. You can program your thermostat to reach a certain temperature while you are at work or to turn off completely, therefore decreasing your use of energy.


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