5 Ways to Make Your New Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a great way to save money on your new home in Delaware. However, it is also great for the environment. Many people have the impression that being “green” or energy efficient is too much work or takes too much time, but that isn’t necessarily true. Many Delaware new homes for sale are already equipped with energy efficient features that help the buyer feel better about their new home purchase. If you are in the market for a new home for sale in Newark, Delaware, this article is for you. It will discuss ways in which you can make your new home more energy efficient. So whether you are building a new home in Delaware or you are purchasing a pre-existing home, take into account these energy efficient tips to help lower your carbon footprint.



Believe it or not, windows can make a major impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Insufficient windows can allow air to enter or exit your home, making it difficult to keep the home cool or warm during the winter or summer months. Having double panel windows or vinyl frames installed in your new home in Delaware makes for a better option over single pane or aluminum framed windows, as they are well insulated and prevent air from escaping or entering.


Solar Energy

While solar panels and solar energy could seem like a major undertaking, there is a range of ways to incorporate solar energy into your home in order to be more energy efficiency. You could install solar panels to the roof to control the entire home’s energy, or go for a small option if that suits you better. The benefit of solar panels is that they allow you to produce your own energy directly from the sun and have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional electricity.  Some homes for sale in Newark, Delaware are already equipped with this feature.



When searching for new homes for sale in Newark, Delaware, you should consider the insulation of the home. To keep a home energy efficient, the insulation should be installed in the attic, crawl spaces, around windows, doors, etc. to prevent air from entering or escaping the home. Improper insulation can lead to your HVAC system working overtime to keep the home warm or cool, which can drive up your energy costs.


Small Tips

Making small changes around your home can also lead to better energy efficiency. Using energy efficient bulbs and appliances are a great way to decrease your energy usage. Be sure to read the labels on these items before purchasing to be sure they are approved for energy efficiency.


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