6 Tips for Maintaining Your New Home in Delaware

You’re super excited to move into your new home and start unpacking. While that excitement is warranted and a great thing to have, there’s also some maintenance tips you need to keep in mind for your new homes in Delaware. You want to make sure that the new home stays in pristine condition and that you can minimize home expenses as much as possible. By keeping this six tips below in mind, you can help protect and maintain your new homes Delaware.


Start a Maintenance Checklist

After the dust has settled, make sure you start a maintenance checklist and stick to it. There are certain things that need to be done around the house on a regular basis. By keeping a checklist and routine, you can easily maintain those spots and make sure that repairs are fixed early on instead of having them turn into bigger issues.


Gutter Checkup

Make sure that whenever you move in and every winter/spring after that, you check your gutters and clean them out. Debris in the gutters can hold water against your new homes in Delaware roofline making it rot the roof. It can also make it fall off the house in an irregular way which can lead to pooling and cracking in your foundation.


Change Filters

One important home maintenance tip to keep in mind is to change out the filters in your HVAC and furnace system on a regular basis. These filters help to keep dust, pet dander, mold and mildew out of your air system. If these filters are not changed it can put extra strain on your HVAC system causing you to lose energy efficiency and damage your HVAC.


Smoke Detectors

Don’t forget to change out the batters in your smoke detectors when you move in to your new homes in Newark, Delaware right away. This way you know that they are ready for alerting you if the need should arise. Also make sure to change them out every year to make sure they are always working.


Check Your Foundation

Be sure you take a walk around your home on a regular basis to check the foundation. If you notice the ground is sloping away from your home, it might be a good idea to add soil to that area to protect the concrete. You should use a good soil and compact it down tightly to help protect the foundation from erosion.


Maintenance/Repairmen on Standby

Start a good list of routine maintenance and repair options so that you always have someone you can trust to work on your home. Don’t skimp on maintenance checkups each year. Be sure to have your HVAC technician out to check the system, check your roof regularly, and also make sure that all appliances and fixtures are running properly.

By taking these preemptive steps to maintain your new homes in Delaware, you can keep your new home “new” for years to come.

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