Extended Home Warranty – Should You Purchase One?

Have you been considering owning a home of your own? Well, there are new homes in Delaware for sale. Usually, acquiring a home comes with several reservations which are rooted in finding that some systems in the home aren’t functional—the heater may have issues, the cabinets may need replacements etc.

Now, considering all the monetary demands that could arise, you may have decided to place purchasing a home on hold or settle for purchasing an extended home warranty to help deal with any unforeseen issue that may arise—but because of the cost this will also incur, you may have given up on the acquisition of your new home.

Wait a moment though, before you shove away this opportunity to own your own home because of the extra costs you fear for; have you considered if an extended home warranty is needed after all? To help you make a decision on this, a couple of things are listed below to better enlighten you on why your fears could be unfounded.

Is the Home Old or Its Appliances Old?

Usually, home warranties are service contracts that promise to cater for the costs you incur in fixing services that aren’t functional in your home—services such as your plumbing, swimming pool, heating, air conditioning etc. Most times these are services not covered by your home insurance policies. But the likelihood of having non-functional systems in a new home is very slim.

The question becomes; why purchase a warranty that you may not need? Home warranties come in handy when the home or the appliances in the home are old.

New Homes Come with Builders and Manufacturer’s Warranty.

New homes usually come with the builder’s warranty—which covers the house and manufacturer’s warranty—which covers the appliances in the home. However, the length of the will depend on the terms of purchase.

The point is, for the length of time you have the home covered by the builder’s and manufacturer’s warranty, there is really no point in purchasing an extended home warranty—both running concurrently wouldn’t really give you value for your money. So, it’s smarter for you to hold on with purchasing an extended home warranty until the warranty from the builders and manufacturers expire.

What Does the Extended Home Warranty Cover?

Extended home warranties usually come with various offerings; so, it’s important that before you make a purchase, you make sure that the plan covers the need you want to be met. Else, you would just be making an investment into a plan that wouldn’t deliver—for instance, what’s the point in purchasing a warranty because you want it to cover the structure of your home or windows, and then learn after payment that those items aren’t covered by your warranty?

Hurray! You could actually own a new home in Delaware without fears of extra cost incurred in purchasing an extended home warranty. So, what are you waiting for?

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