Townhouse or Single Family: Which should you choose?

When searching for a house for sale in Delaware, it can be difficult to determine what type of house is the best for you and your family; either a single-family home or a townhouse. Homebuilders in Delaware are building both of these types of homes and there are many to choose from. While both single-family homes and townhouses offer a variety of benefits, perhaps one holds more of a benefit for your family than the other. If you are trying to determine which model would be best for you, learn about the differences between the two before coming to conclusion.



The first consideration in choosing between a single-family home and a townhouse is the space of each model. Townhouses in Delaware are typically located in very close proximity, if not connected directly to, by shared walls, other townhouses. They also are located on much smaller lots than single family homes which means that you might not have any yard space. However, some townhouses do include a small yard space. While townhouses are in close proximity to other townhouses, this allows for more opportunities for socialization with neighbors.


As for single family homes for sale in Delaware, these types of homes often include more yard space as they are located on a private lot. Single family homes also offer more privacy because they are on their own lot and do not share walls or close proximity to other homes. Single family homes can be located in neighborhoods which would allow for more socialization and opportunity to meet neighbors, or on a more secluded lot with more privacy and away from other homes. Single family homes also allow for more flexibility for additions, swimming pools, gardens, etc.



Maintenance on any type of home is always a significant consideration. With single family homes in Delaware, you would be the sole individual responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. This can be a big responsibility and is something to consider. However, with a townhouse, there is most likely an HOA that offers a maintenance team that will take care of some of the maintenance, repairs, and lawn care. Townhouse communities also often offer amenities such as swimming pools, community gatherings and activities, and fitness centers.



Overall cost is also another significant difference between single family homes and townhouses in Delaware. In general, townhouses will be priced well below the price of single family home. This is a benefit due to the lesser cost, as well as the included amenities that comes with a townhouse such as maintenance, pool, and fitness center to name a few. However, with that lower price you are sacrificing more privacy and space both in the home and in the yard space. So, while single family homes are usually priced higher than townhouses, they offer more space and privacy than a townhouse.


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